Everything had the potential to be awesome to 7 year old me!

Welcome to the imagination of a perpetual 7 year old, where everything has the potential to be awesome! This is my safe place to be vulnerable and to “go get them onions.” It was a simple sentence that my mom said to me at McDonald’s when I was a kid, but little did I know it would spark something much greater for me.

So what is it that you’ll find when you explore my page? Stories, journeys, reasons dinosaurs are awesome and authenticity. I’ll share my poetry, short stories, and any other random creation that my brain conjures up. As a storyteller I am enthralled by other’s life experiences. I love to hear and share stories with friends, and here I’ll share them with you. Dinosaurs are awesome reason #1: The longest and heaviest dinosaur was the Argentinosaurus! It was over 40 meters long and weighed 77 tons! That’s as long as 4 fire trucks and as heavy as 17 African elephants! My final promise to you is that what you see here is authentic. Together, on this adventure, we will go get them onions!