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“It’s a Privilege”

He didn’t know that next week he would be famous.

He didn’t know that his name would be trending.


He didn’t think that the beat up Corolla would be his last car.

He didn’t know that the body cam video would make him a star.

He wasn’t naive, he knew that he had been born committing a crime. 

Being born with skin darker than mine.

But, he fought the adversity, and accomplished much more than you and definitely me.

So, yes, he knew his disadvantages, but he believed. 

Believed that his hard work would provide a safer future for his son.

Another “criminal” born with skin that came too close to the sun.

Louis CK joked about the life lottery.

Being born white and male = child prodigy.

I’ve had my share of struggles, but I still remember the cop warning me about a pack of black kids walking a couple blocks from me.

Quote, “I’d go a different way if I were you.”

I said “thanks?” and kept walking.

Around the block were familiar faces talking about what they were gonna get from 7-11.

This pack of thugs that I was warnied about?

Kids who got better grades than me, who had more supportive families than me, who caused way less trouble than me, who all smiled and said what up to me.

But I got a pass because grown-ups said I was going through a tough time.

The excuse for my behavior was that I grew up without a dad.

Or that I was shy and lost the only friend that I had to a bullet in the head.

Those things are true, but not just for me.

It all comes back to the life lottery.

Sunburn is about the only downside to being white.

I would rather turn a new shade of red then get pulled over for a taillight and wind up dead.

2016 and you can’t protest social injustice during the national anthem.

They say #alllivesmatter so piss off, grow some balls and stop being so soft.

Ironic that they say we’ve become too PC, but complain about #blacklivesmatter because it excludes tones like me.

Embarrassing that the guy who blames PC culture for making America soft acts as if #blacklivesmatter is an emotional trigger.

But don’t you dare take offense to being called …

Privilege is a popular word right now, and it’s real so I won’t ignore the elephant in the room.

I can rape a girl behind a dumpster as long as I go to the right school.

I can rape a girl and leave her behind a dumpster, with consequences barely resembling a slap on the wrist.

They said ALL men were created equal.

Had I been born black and driven a beat up Corolla,

None of you would have heard this.

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