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Permission. It was this word that an incredibly insightful woman gave to me a couple years ago for my “word of the year.” She explained to me that she was introduced to the word of the year concept by a mentor of hers. Your word of the year is a grounding focus tool. We had met while volunteering for an empowerment camp and, after a few conversations, she saw what I needed to work on.

I’ll come up with ideas for new stories or adventures, but hold myself back from exploring them. One of my teachers and role models, Navaris Darson, once told me that my improv acting would improve when I finally gave myself permission to let my inner child play. For years I struggled with this due to a fear that stems from my own self-judgement. I’ve learned that the only way for me to overcome this fear is through uncomfortable action, which is one reason I’ve revived my website here! I’m finally giving myself permission to really explore my desire to create with the goal of making it my career.

I wanted to write about permission today because of a few conversations I’ve had recently. Covid-19 has had a massive impact on our lives. I personally have been out of work since the beginning of March and I know a lot of you have been as well. Since I’m the eternally optimistic type, I’ve kept my eye on the potential silver lining. I truly believe that this pandemic has offered the opportunity for us to evaluate where our lives are and where we want to go.

Raise your hand if you have thought about not wanting to go back to the job that you’ve been laid off from. Now give yourself a high five cause who doesn’t need a high five in the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday! Ok now that you’re smiling a bit, let’s get real. You are allowed to make changes. You don’t HAVE to be miserable. I know, I know, it’s a crazy idea. Except it’s not crazy. AT ALL.

Now I need to clarify that I’m not saying you should quit everything and go hike the PCT like Cheryl Strayed, but I’m also not saying that you can’t go do that. What I am saying is, if you realize that where you were a few months ago leads down a dead end road, you have permission to turn around before you hit the dead end.

Here’s some homework for you:

  • Have an honest conversation with yourself
  • During and after that conversation come up with some goals
  • Write down your goals and visualize yourself accomplishing them
  • Give yourself another high five

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