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This is a two part workout designed to efficiently work your total body.

You will need:

  • a jump rope
  • a kettlebell or dumbbell

Part 1 of this workout is a 21/15/9 for time. That means you’ll complete a round of 21 reps for each exercise, then 15, and finally 9.

  • Kettlebell/dumbbell swings
  • Squat thrusters
  • Push-ups
  • After each round, complete 100 jumps with the jump rope.

Part 2 of the workout is a core circuit that you’ll complete twice. The exercises are:

  • Glute bridges/Leg raises
  • Russian twists/Mountain climbers
  • Downward dog toe taps/X-body mountain climbers

Each section of the circuit is 1 minute, with the full circuit being 6 minutes. The first section is glute bridges and leg raises. For 1 minute you complete as many rounds as possible, switching between the two exercises every 10 reps. So start with 10 glute bridges, then 10 leg lifts, back to glute bridges etc. for 1 minute. This method applies for each section.

After you’ve completed the 6 minute circuit all that is left is a final 200 jump ropes!

Boom! Happy sweating y’all!

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