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No more weak cheeks

In my mid to late 20s I suffered from occasional back pain. It was so bad sometimes, that I couldn’t stand straight up in the morning without wincing in pain. I thought maybe it was years of contact sports catching up on me, but eventually discovered that I just had weak hamstrings and glutes. My training went from being in the gym and working on speed and power to simply running, and my quad dominance slowly caught up to me. Welcome to my workout to change all of that!

What you’ll need:

  • a hill or set of stairs to run
  • exercise band (optional)

For this workout I aim to complete at least 5 rounds, but sometimes do more. If you’re just starting out with getting back into a fitness routine aim for 3-5 rounds for your first time.

Exercise list:

  • 10 Squats
  • Reverse Lunges (10 each side)
  • Speed skaters or side lunges (10 each side)
  • Donkey Kicks (10 each side)
  • Fire hydrants (10 each side)
  • Hill/Stair run

I add resistance by using exercise bands around my ankles or just above my knees. Living in Los Angeles there are tons of neighborhood stairs to utilize too! If you live in LA and want some stair or hill recommendations go ahead and send me a message 🙂

Happy sweating!

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