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A few years ago, after a November Project workout, my friend Mikaila asked me if I had time to grab lunch. It was later that week, at Urth Caffe, that my relationship with Lululemon began. Mikaila was looking for someone in the area to help lead their monthly Sweat Series.

Once a month, we would partner up with another trainer or local fitness studio and provide free workouts for the community. I remember being excited because I got a free pair of shorts and a shirt. I thought that I had hit the jackpot, and that’s why what happened next left me confused and speechless. After the first couple of workouts, Mikaila came to me and asked me what more they could do for me. I looked at her and asked what she meant, especially after they were kind enough to gift me clothes to workout in. This was my introduction into the culture of Lululemon.

After a few months of leading the Sweat Series, I was asked if I wanted to be an ambassador for my local store. Being a brand ambassador can be fun, and usually has some perks. However, Lululemon raised the bar right from the very beginning. My onboarding process, usually the boring paperwork signing type of meeting, was an in-depth life coaching session with goal setting. From the very beginning the focus was on me, and how Lululemon could set me up for success.

A lot of companies have ambassador or affiliate programs, but it is usually just for free marketing. As much as I love the quality of their products, the thing I loved most about my time as an ambassador was the company transparency. It made my job of promoting Lululemon easy. I knew how our values aligned, and I knew what was happening. I loved their commitment to their employees during Covid-19. I was blown away by executives taking money from their own salaries so that they could continue to pay employees who’s stores had closed due to Covid-19.

My time as an ambassador recently ended, and I’ve now become a legacy ambassador. I would like to thank Mikaila, Alli, Laura Anne, Canaan, Naomi, Claire, Breanna, Martha, and everyone else for the incredible memories that I share with the Melrose team. Also, a special shout out to Sam! Sam is the one who asked me to be an ambassador, is the reason I rode a quad in the Santa Barbara mountains, and who’s idea led to me getting a random post race tattoo.

And finally, buried at the bottom of this page, is my self promotion. I am fortunate to now be a part of the Lululemon Collective which allows me to post a link that if you click on it and buy stuff, I make a commission. If you’re so inclined to get some of the best athletic gear out there then head over to Lululemon.

My top 5 items:

  • abc pants – these are my go to pants.
  • surge shorts – I love these for running/working out. I opt for a shorter inseam because skies out thighs out!
  • metal vent tech short sleeve – LOVE this shirt. It has strands of silver woven into the fabric which helps it not stink!
  • always in motion boxer – trust me boys, these are LEGIT!
  • city sweat pullover – I know it’s summer but this hoodie is super comfy.

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