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A new adventure project

A couple weeks ago I went to the Pasadena farmer’s market and met a wonderful frenchman named Lionel who owns Sconage Bakery. Per Lionel’s recommendation I got an amazing chocolate chip walnut scone and my partner Emily got their famous tri-berry scone.

We searched for a local coffee shop and discovered Jameson Brown Coffee Roasters. I ordered an iced dirty chai to pair with my scone.

We went outside and sat down on the curb to enjoy our treats and that’s when inspiration struck!

I often use visual imagination to take a time out and decompress. One of my favorite times to do this exercise is with my morning coffee. I’ll take some time to transport myself somewhere and live in that experience for bit. I’ll visualize the scene and bring to life in my mind what aromas fill the air, what sounds occupy the area, and what sensations I could be feeling. This leads me to my new project!

I’m going to craft different worlds for you to visit during your morning coffee. Some of these places will be real and some will be fantasy. The idea is that you can read the prompt, close your eyes and experience that world. While my intention is for this to elevate your morning, you can totally do this exercise whenever you feel like.

Feel free to reach out if you have any requests on locations!

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