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Dutch Apple Pie

It’s a beautiful Fall morning in Amsterdam. On your walk to the cafe you notice the sweet smell of rain from last night hangs in the crisp cool air. The soft click clack of your shoes against the cobblestone resonates off of the brick buildings around you and mixes perfectly with the soothing sound of water flowing down the canal adorned by colorful houseboats.

The sweet smell of dutch pancakes begins to fill your lungs as you get closer to Greenwoods Singel, the cute brunch spot you went to this past weekend and enjoyed a full english breakfast with their incredible soda bread. A few blocks away is Winkel 43, home of the most incredible apple pie you’ve ever eaten and where your legs are taking you today.

Seated outside, your coffee and pie arrive. Fresh out of the oven the rich smell of apples and cinnamon take over your senses. The crumbly crunchy crust paired with their silky smooth homemade whipped cream provide balanced textures with every bite. Alternating between bites of the delicious Dutch apple pie and sips of smooth, hot, medium bodied coffee, your taste buds are jumping for joy.

You finish your treat and catch the tram heading towards Vondelpark where you’ll find a spot to sit down and read for a bit. There is a lightness to your mood, an unmistakeable smile perched upon your lips.

Have a wonderful day.

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