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Last year I made the choice to finally take my running seriously. I reached out to my friend, badass ultra runner Hillary Allen, and asked if she would be my coach. We came up with a training program and I hit the trails running.

I had signed up for Badwater Salton Sea, an 81 mile race scheduled for this April. 2019’s winners finished in just over 15 hours, and 5th place came in at 18 hours. In conversations with my race partner and our crew, I set a goal of placing top 5.

No matter how many Hillarepeats™ I crushed, I knew that if I wasn’t fueling my body properly, I wouldn’t reach the goals I had set. I enlisted the help of my friend Jonathan Levitt who works for InsideTracker. InsideTracker is a group of incredible scientists who are driven to help optimize your body from the inside out.

I opted for their Ultimate test package which included a 42 biomarker blood panel. I went to a local clinic to have my blood drawn and then it was sent off to the lab for testing. About a week later I had my results, and I was geeking out over the information.

Out of the 42 biomarkers that I had tested, 33 were optimized, 4 were in the “needs work” category, and 5 were “at risk.” Along with the results comes personalized nutrition recommendations based on your biomarkers. You have the ability to filter recommendations based off of any dietary restrictions you may have.

Armed with this new data, I focused on the areas that needed improvement and that’s when my running elevated to the next level. I began putting on more miles than I ever had and was recovering just as fast as I was running. Leading up to the 81 miler I registered for a 50k. Hillary told me to treat it as just another long training run instead of my goal race. Even with holding back some, and the terrible rain, I managed to PR my 50k by more than 45 minutes.

I’m a big fan of quality over quantity and InsideTracker has provided a major boost to my quality of life. I plan on competing for a long time, and living even longer. I’ve always known that what I put into my body matters, but with the insight that I got from InsideTracker, I now know how to optimize my body.

InsideTracker isn’t just beneficial for elite athletes either, I mean I’m not elite yet and it helped me a ton! They have a wide range of plans available to suit your needs and to help you be the best you possible!

I believe in InsideTracker and I know you will too when you see the results for yourself. You can even use my code, FRIENDSOFJESSE, to get 20% off and a free Inner Age panel.

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