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The Covid era has been bonkers y’all. I’ve been out of work since the beginning of March and experienced a variety of different emotions. With the promise of returning to work, I looked at my original lay-off as an extended vacation. I even joked that I would have the opportunity to experience life as a sponsored athlete. Being able to train and recover as much as I wanted for a few weeks sounded awesome!

Those weeks turned into a month and then 5 months later, we’re still here. During that time I went from running 6 days a week to maybe once or twice a week. Along with running, my passion for storytelling was met with a yawn. I was spiraling and needed some help.

I’m fortunate to have people in my life that truly care about me. My partner, Emily, who is always asking to read or hear about the newest idea I’ve had or to tell me to go for a run. Mi hermano mayor Jonathan, who calls to check in on me and reminds me to always evolve and adapt. Jeff graciously offers to read and provide notes on any scripts I’m writing. Miguel reminds me that I have a voice worth listening to. Christoff encourages me to continue adventuring and always requests that I share my adventures with the world. Liz and John share long bike rides with me that turn into mutual mini therapy sessions. Amanda and Dax shun the negative naysayers and lift me up with positive reenforcement. Finally, Marc, Katelin, Zeb, Rachel, and everyone else that has been down to run some ridiculous miles with me. Thank you all, I love each and every one of you.

This brings me to the reason I started writing today. Yes, in typical Jesse fashion, it took me 3 paragraphs to get to the point. I recently launched my own Twitch channel where I’ll be broadcasting some ps4 gaming, as well as working on creating some adventure content. I’d love it if you could take a minute to give me a follow, and please bear with me while I work on getting it off of the ground. Also, if you happen to be a streamer and have any advice, I’d love to hear it!

Finally, goals. My mission is to facilitate positive change through storytelling. Perhaps it is through laughter at my sometimes terrible gaming, or encouraging you to get up and move through my running or hiking. Using Twitch, or any other digital platform, I aspire to inspire. Ultimately, I’d love to be able to solely focus on adventures and telling the stories that come through them. To be like Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin, Guillermo del Toro, Christopher McDougall, Hillary Allen, Courtney Dauwalter, Renan Ozturk, Michael Pollan, Tolkien, or even that new Zac Efron Netflix series Down to Earth.

I know it seems like a lot, but I don’t have it in me to dream small. So here I am, inviting you to join me for this adventure! I’d love it if you followed along.

Twitch/Instagram – @buckbrennan

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