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I briefly mentioned Peloton yesterday while talking about the adversity I’ve faced since I haven’t been able to run pain free since November. For those that might not know, Peloton is a fitness brand that has changed the game. Most often Peloton is associated with their at-home stationary bike, and while the bike is what they are most known for, they are so much more than that.

First, I want to skip the bike and the treadmill and talk about their app. Did you know that you don’t need their bike or treadmill to benefit from the app? Yes, having their equipment makes it easier to follow along with the cycling or tread classes, but I have a few friends who sought cheaper alternatives and still enjoy the Peloton classes. The bigger thing to me though is that in addition to cycling/tread classes, Peloton offers yoga, meditation, strength, stretching, outdoor guided runs, and cardio HIIT classes! These are world class coaches offering classes anywhere from 5 to 90 minutes long and all available right in the palm of your hand. Oh and a digital only membership is currently $12.99/month! All-access membership with the bike or tread is $39.99/month which is still cheaper than any spin studio I’ve ever been to, and allows for multiple household users so the cost is split for myself and my partner Emily.

If my excitement for the app didn’t pique your interest, then perhaps this paragraph will. I’m big on high fives and an even bigger community guy. I love being a part of a bigger collective that supports one another and loves to see people shine. I love giving kudos out on Strava, which by the way here’s a little Strava hack that you might not know!

(If you do a group run/workout/ride/whatever with multiple people and you want to give everyone kudos, bring up the list of people who participated and shake your phone. Doing so will bring up the option to Kudos everyone or just friends that you follow. You’re welcome!)

Ok, so the Peloton community. Aside from being able to give out high fives to other folks doing the same class as you, there are endless amounts of groups on Facebook, Strava, Reddit, and the likes that are created to have people come together to share success stories and inspire one another. It truly is a lovely community where you can find people to connect and sweat with from all over the world.

Finally, the equipment. I can’t talk about the treadmill as I’ve never used it, but I do own the bike. Admittedly, it’s an investment. The bike starts at $1895 and the bike+ at $2495. Personally, I have the regular bike as I got it before the bike+ came out. I’m financing the bike and between the bike and membership I am splitting the cost with Emily so we each pay roughly $51/month. One thing I appreciate about Peloton is that after I ordered the bike, they launched the bike+ and reduced the cost of the original bike and subsequently credited my account since I had ordered at the higher cost. Usually companies will offer hollow apologies in regards to price drops like this, but Peloton took the initiative to e-mail me and I thought that was awesome. Oh and financing is interest free and didn’t tack on any additional charges. I 100% believe the bike is worth it and if I compare it to the cost of unlimited yoga/spin/meditation/strength classes here in LA, I’m saving thousands of dollars a year. #nobrainer.

If you’re already on Peloton, add me @buckbrennan. If you’re deciding to order one, go ahead and use my referral code XJY43D and you’ll receive $100 towards accessories. I recommend the bike mat and cycling shoes if you don’t have any.

Oh and for some of my favorite instructors here ya go:

Cycling – Emma Lovewell, Matt Wilpers, Denis Morton, Alex Toussaint

Yoga – Denis Morton, Ross Rayburn

Meditation – Aditi Shah, Anna Greenberg, Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Strength – Chase Tucker, Olivia Amato (abs)

Honestly though, they’re all incredible and I’ve never regretted taking a class with anyone.

Do good,


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