Marlowe Canterbury
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Welcome to Galanthia

The Queendom of Galanthia has been ruled by Queen T’Lika for the last thousand years. T’Lika’s reign has never been considered anything other than fair and just. When followers of the new gods clashed with zealots of the old gods, T’Lika brought them together. Through tactful diplomacy she was able to convince both sides that they could coexist. When a twenty year drought ravaged the lands, T’Lika inspired hope throughout Galanthia. She worked with the farmers to discover new crops that relied on less water, she lowered taxes and made sure that her people did not starve, and she was even able to send aid to the coastal Kingdom of Sh’Rook.

Occasionally there would be a skeptic. Someone who questioned how T’Lika had lived for so long. There was one such uprising, led by Xandar Wesqling. Xandar convinced two-hundred Galanthians that Queen T’Lika was a supernatural being. Some kind of demon whose plague needed to be exorcised. On the night of their coup attempt, Xandar was met by T’Lika in the main square of Galanthia. T’Lika offered forgiveness to anyone that laid down their arms. She understood their concern, but asked them to point out any ill deeds done to them by her. Upon reflection, one hundred and seventy-eight of the two hundred rebels stood down. The remaining twenty-two died in combat while Xandar was captured and charged with high treason. His sentence was to remain imprisoned as long as T’Lika ruled.

The Xandar Uprising was roughly 400 years ago. Xandar Wesqling remains in the dungeons of Galanthia, and rumor has it that he looks to have aged only a few years. For those that believe the rumors, there are opposing beliefs. Some argue that the castle is enchanted while others believe that Xandar himself made a supernatural pact in order to see the end of T’Lika’s rule. What both sides agree on is that Xandar, like T’Lika, would not still be alive if he were a simple human.

Lately, there has been less concern over Xandar and more worry over Galanthia. The days have grown cold and damp, the once fertile soils have become barren, and T’Lika’s presence has waned. The people of Galanthia are struggling and are becoming desperate. Without leadership, violence and unrest are increasing.

Is this the end for T’Lika? Of Galanthia? Is there anyone that can help fill the absence of hope?

Stay tuned…

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