Marlowe Canterbury
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Galanthian Deities

For centuries the old gods were worshipped unopposed until the rise of the prophet Hethgin. Hethgin advocated on behalf of a new pantheon. The new gods were less idealistic and represented more of our carnal expressions. Followers of the old gods felt that it was sacrilege to accuse the gods of mortal desires. Before tensions escalated out of control T’Lika stepped in to mediate a truce. That is a story for another time. For now, let me introduce you to the old and the new. You may decide who is right for you.

The Old Gods of Galanthia:

Draymond – Neutral god of magic and balance.

Bellequa – Chaotic neutral goddess of beauty, fertility and flowing water.

Nyzz – Lawful evil god of misfortune, pain and night.

Occulare – Lawful good god of knowledge, sight and daylight.

Rouxi – Chaotic neutral goddess of nature, harvest, fate and destiny.

Llorne – Lawful neutral goddess of justice, mercy and war.

Undari – Chaotic god/godess twins of life and death.

The New Gods of Galanthia:

Evesham – Neutral god of thought, curiosity and listening.

Gargok – Chaotic neutral god of transformation, strength and hunger.

Zidel – Evil god of magic, fury and pain.

Berman – Chaotic evil god of rumor, greed and disillusionment.

Val – Lawful good goddess of charity, service and accountability.

Arshus – Chaotic neutral goddess of gambling, sex and revelry.

Gruffin – Lawful good god of loyalty, friendship and stubborness.

Kiyara – Neutral good goddess of family, war and retribution.

Phaeus – Lawful good god of wisdom, composure and accuracy.

One final note: Word is spreading around news of a new clairvoyant. They go by the name Auhmni. Not much is known about Auhmni, but they speak not of new gods, but of one singular, continuous thread of existence.


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