Marlowe Canterbury
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Marlowe Canterbury

Greetings, I am Marlowe Canterbury. I am the bard that is currently occupying Jesse’s headspace for the D&D game he is playing in. It took some convincing, but I was able to persuade him into letting me share our adventures with you. As we travel the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale, I will publish some of my poems, songs, and completely factual, never-exaggerated tales of the heroics presented by my companions and me.

For now, let me share with you the words I spoke to Speaker Duvessa Shane:

It’s long overdue,
but this fine crew –
is questing for the cure,
to see winter nevermore.
Will they become the heroes of new,
or are they destined to fail?
I, for one, have no clue,
but trust in me to tell the tale.
For I am Marlowe Canterbury,
and I was born to tell this story –
of returning Ten Towns’ glory!

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