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Axe beaks and goblins and bears, oh my!

Magic lamps, adventure, and breaking the curse. It all sounded like the perfect antidote to my dull life, but it had been a while since I stepped outside of Bryn Shander. Not since Sir Reginald had been killed by the yeti, and while the thought of leaving was exciting, the reality of it left me hesitant.

Surely though, I thought, this lot would be more capable than just one knight. After all, we’ve got a barbarian, a druid, a paladin of Lloth, a ranger who knows these lands, a treasure-hunting assassin, and a freaking witcher! There’s no way a yeti could take down this crew.

Of course the moment we stepped outside of Bryn Shander’s gates, the weather began to pick up. We traveled along the Eastway until we came to a fork in the road. After some close inspection, we discovered wreckage from the lost caravan. The frozen bloody remains of an axe beak poked through the snow. I had seen carnage like this once before, and so I glanced around for the yeti. We saw a dim light being cast from a cave not too far from the road and followed what tracks remained unhidden by the fresh snowfall.

We reached the cave and came across a polar bear locked in shackles. Xillana, our druid, approached the bear and learned his name to be Mogu. Mogu told her that he had been captured by a horde of ice goblins and forced to transport the missing sled back to their cave. Xillana called to Wilbert to help remove the shackles that imprisioned Mogu. Being used to all sorts of traps and sophisticated locks, Wilbert popped the shackles open with ease. Mogu thanked Xillana and fled into the snowy night.

The light grew brighter as we made our way into the main hall of this cave. When we rounded the corner we came across a group of drunk goblins. I noticed one that was poking and prodding an injured human who had been tied up. Another half naked man lie frozen to death on the ground. As I’m watching this, the paladin of Lloth hurls a javelin into the chest of the goblin chieftan. Dannika, the barbarian, charges in with her greatsword and immediately cut down two more goblins. Seed, the ranger who himself is a goblin, watches on in horror as his kind are sent to Myrkul.

Another goblin stares at me, and as he goes to make a move, I unsheath my rapier.

Thought to be brave,
by making Mogu a slave.
Clearly not as clever as Seed,
but no misdeed goes unpunished.
By my blade, though has perished.

As the last of the goblins was dispatched, I went over to the armless man who was tied up. His name was Sam, and he had been attacked by the yeti. He thought he escaped, but then the goblins found him. They tied him up along with his friend Jacob. He watched as they tortured Jacob. Poking him with sticks, throwing rocks at him, and dumping ale on him just to watch him shiver in the cold. When Jacob froze to death, the goblins turned their attention to Sam. We wrapped him in a blanket and escorted him back to Bryn Shander, along with the missing ale.

That night would be the last night that I’d see Dannika, Seed, or Lloth’s paladin for a while. The next morning we awoke to learn they had headed off, north to Caer-Dineval. Xillana, Wilbert, Zigran, and I would be heading south to Dougan’s Hole.

We never made it to Dougan’s Hole, but that’s a story for another time.

– Marlowe Canterbury

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